International Journal of Aquacultura Indonesiana" (IJAI) is an aquculture scientific journal that publication of research results or ideas on all aspects of aquaculture (flora and fauna) in an environment of freshwater, brackish and salty both naturally or controlled. Nutrition, disease, genetics and breeding, physiology, environmental quality, as well as farming systems engineering is a major field study in the International Journal of Aquacultura Indonesiana (IJAI). Article economic studies and marketing management of aquaculture products is also an area that can be published in the journal. Manuscripts that are not related to the field of aquaculture will not be published. Manuscripts can be written in English.

There are two categories of articles published in the international journal of Aquacultura Indonesiana.

Review article is an article ideas / synthesis objectively related to themes important field of aquaculture. Review is not merely a summary of the science but actually an interpretation of a science that produces an important conclusion based on existing literature.

The research article as a whole is a purely scientific research reports. This article is quite broad coverage and allows some researchers put them together according to their field.